Q: We like your style and the light with which you photograph, so we think you’re the right person for us. How can I book?

A: Wow, I’m very happy that you chose me to make a photographic story. Write me an email or call me, ask me all the information you need about my services and prices: I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!


Q: Can you briefly describe your style and photographic approach during the services?

A: The wedding day or a maternity portrait, baby or family, is a very important day, which is why I love taking pictures calmly and transmitting tranquillity to my subjects. I like to use different approaches and photographic styles, from a very discrete reportage approach to the more guided and posed approach for family photos. Some situations require an approach to the creation of the scene, a portrait posed in a corner of the house or outdoors, with a certain background to receive the magical light of sunset, always with very natural poses.


Q: How long before should we book our wedding photo shoot?

A: For a wedding photo shoot as soon as you have a certain date, usually 7-8 months before, for an outdoor portrait and set about 1 month before, so you can give me time to research the location and study clothing to match (I realize only a certain number of marriages during the year).

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Usually they do not have a fixed cost, depends on which package you choose, or how many hours, in a marriage service is required. I have a list that includes packages, and another à la carte, where you can choose the product that best suits your needs and emotions. All à la carte packages can be customized to your choice. I will be happy to send you my price list by email if you request it!


Q: How long do you keep us away from our guests and friends for the photos in the location of your choice?

R: I promise I’ll be fast! But let me also say that the photos in the location with the right light are the most exciting and romantic photos that can not be missing in a photographic story. I will guide you at a time appropriate to the photos, so that your guests and friends will not be aware of your absence. You do not even have to embarrass yourself in front of the camera, you will be at ease and you will not think about the pictures we are taking. The time we spend together will be more like a walk with your partner than a photo shoot.


Q: Do you have a helper or assistant with you during the wedding photo shoot?

A: I have a collaborator who supports me in every wedding photo shoot, to assist and to photograph too, but from a different perspective.

Q: How many photos do you make?

R: Well, I love taking pictures, so I take lots of photos. But do not worry, the choice of the best photos I will do, so as to make you live the story as I have interpreted and lived.


Q: How much time passes before receiving the photos?

A: A lot also depends on the time of the year, depending on the extra matrimonial services I perform. But usually they are quite fast. Q: Do you take pictures of the dances, the party and the cake? R: It’s fun here! Of course, I photograph your party even in the less informal moment, while you dance and sing.


Q: So you cover the whole wedding day? Will you stay with us until the end?

A: Sure, except in case you choose the package by the hour, otherwise I will stay there with you until you go to sleep … No, come on, I’m joking! However I will be there until the party goes on and I will have enough material for the story.


Q: Do you also take pictures with analogue film?

A: I love the film, its magic in capturing the light and transmitting it in a photo. I shoot with film when asked and I consider it feasible for lighting conditions. Otherwise I shoot digitally.