Donjeta and Alessio get married in a hot August afternoon, crowning their dream with a touching outdoor celebration, at Casa de Campo, amongst Abruzzo ulive trees and sunny hills, together with their families, their friends and their small son Francesco. Everything of that day told about their love: Donjeta’s elegance, bridesmaids light blue dresses, Alessio’s touched gaze, the ceremony holded by an intimate friend, the big hugs to their son. But what tells better about their love are the words from bride and groom: “In our story everything has been simply spontaneous, it seemed we were born to complete each other. So we immediately decided  to spend

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular here in Italy. The bride and groom choose a place other than that of their birth or residence and organize their wedding there, bringing along friends and relatives. The site is chosen because it is dear to the couple, or simply because it is beautiful or charming. It is always an exciting experience for me to accompany the bride and groom on their adventure. How the service works: We set a meeting in my studio or through Skype We analyze the place you have chosen for the wedding We make plans according to your itinerary I, or we, reach the city where the marriage will take place a few

Since a wedding never lasts actually only one day, I also offer the opportunity to photograph the preparations, the excitement, or to take other photos a few days later, when the couple is more fresh and rested. The service before and after the wedding may include: Engagement session Pre-wedding session Post-wedding session All types of services are made according to my style, inspired by fine art photography: natural and relaxed poses, soft and dreamy lighting, and wide spaces to cater to the emotions.

The engagement session may provide pictures of your love regardless of the wedding, pictures to do before the wedding, or proper engagement pictures. In the second case, there is also an opportunity to make the bride and groom more comfortable on the wedding day. During the session, I encourage the couple to interact to find its naturalness. I consider this an opportunity to understand the service desired and at the same time spend time capturing nice atmospheres, maybe in the countryside with open spaces and wrapped in a light of sunset, without haste. Maybe the bride and groom never have the opportunity to take pictures together, to show their love … this may be

The beauty of analog pictures is amazing, as it captures and returns the light. Photos on film are romantic, flattering, and all-encompassing. Analog photography fits perfectly with my conception of fine art photography: what I offer is a perspective and vision of your particular life and love story. Shooting on film so that the photographic history works, I must first work out my vision of your story. I then get to work with great concentration, overseeing the composition and lighting. The film stops me, slows me down, and makes me think about what I’m photographing, helping me capture its essence. Shooting on film requires much time and optimal light conditions. As such, I do not